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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to order commercial Christmas Decorations?

A: Production or delivery delays can be avoided by placing your order prior to September 15th.

Q: What is normal delivery time for Christmas decorations?

A: Manufacturing time, plus transit time via common carrier, can approach 3 to 4 weeks after September 15th during peak season.

Q: What are my payment terms?

A: We accept purchase orders from most municipal and governmental agencies and shopping malls. Business and community groups are frequently offered terms depending on the order. To set up an account, contact the Commercial Department. We accept all major credit cards.

Q: Do I have to pay Michigan state sales tax?

A: Yes, unless you are located outside the State of Michigan, a governmental agency or have a current tax exempt certificate.

Q: How much will the freight charge be for my order?

A: Charges vary depending upon volume and circumstances of your order. We search for the lowest cost method to deliver your order safely and quickly.

Q: Do you customize stock designs or create special designs?

A: Yes! Many of our customers wish to personalize their displays. Bronnerís innovative team is available to design a unique display to your specifications.

Q: Are your products UL approved?

A: All products are UL approved, or made from UL approved components. Please inquire as to specific details per product.

Q: Is there a Warranty?

A: Warranties are offered by the individual product manufacturers. Product guarantees vary from one season to 15 years. Please ask your sales representative about specific products.

Q: Who is my sales consultant?

A: Bronnerís commercial sales consultants have over 175 years of combined design and sales experience in supplying decorations to cities, malls, shopping centers, parks and building fronts. Call (989)652-9935x355 and you will be referred to one of the following:

Brian Goff, Sales Consultant

Craig Fick, Sales Consultant

Jordan Snyder Sales Consultant

Q: Are appointments necessary for Bronnerís salesroom consultations or visits?

A: We invite you to visit Bronnerís salesroom any time you wish, 361 days a year. However, Bronnerís commercial sales consultants, who can assist you with your specific needs, are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call (989)652-9935x355 for an appointment and your visit will be even more enjoyable and successful. Be sure to ask about our free Frankenmuth chicken dinners when you place a qualifying order at our salesroom.