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Floral Gates

Floral Gates

Another set that converts for Christmas use - these elaborate gates can be used at the entrance to your Santa setting.

Overall height is 13 feet and columns and hand crafted metal work can be customized to match interior trim or architectural elements of your property. The top of the gate is set off with an absolutely stunning silk floral garland that is dripping with flowers. There is a birdhouse on top of the column near the bunny seat and the scalloped metal fence matches the color of the gates and stands 36" tall.

The bench is 4 foot wide and constructed of wood with a naugahyde covered cushion. The nearby Easter basket is the perfect place for the bunny to hide his giveaways for guests.

4 foot plush bunnies come in light brown, dark brown and white are available static or animated in a variety of poses hoeing, raking or watering the garden. 24" styrofoam eggs are shown in 3 colors and can be customized in color and finish.

Green grassmat or deluxe carpeting combined with easter covers all cords and creates a uniform look when set off with lighted Easter trees and a variety of silk potted plants.

This backdrop breaks down into 9 pieces for easy storage.

Floral Gates