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Woodland Chalet Setting

Woodland Chalet Setting

Take a walk through the woods on your way to see Santa! This incredibly warm and welcoming Santa display is filled with lots for all visitors to marvel at while waiting for their audience with Santa.

In this particular setup, patrons enter through the gate, under the woodland archway and cross a bridge along the walkway. There are a host of interactive elements like a kaleidoscope, push-button animation and of course at the end, Santa himself nestled beneath the chalet with his sack.

This set is hand carved to look like stone and wood timber for a high end feel. Weighs just a fraction of the real thing, though, so it's a pleasure to install. The wooden chalet piece converts for use as a wonderful bunny hutch for the Easter season as well.

There are so many accessory pieces to choose from with this design a wood construction Santa mailbox with a molded face and plenty of room for those important letter, fun mirrors and much more!

As always, when you work with the Christmas display professionals at Bronner's, you won't have to purchase an off-the-shelf solution, we will create a custom design to accommodate your needs. We work with your available space and budget to create stunning Christmas displays for malls, cities and businesses.

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Woodland Chalet Setting